A Man’s Fears

This poem is inspired by a dream I had last night. I do not know if I believe 100% in past lives, or past life memories…however, this dream was extremely vivid and left me quite stirred. I woke up feeling shellshocked.

I often keep a dream diary. I have for many years. Without sounding like a super weirdo… a lot of times…by dreams have a habit of coming true. Especially these ones that feel so “real”.

(A dedication to all current and former soldiers)


A Man’s Fears

When the pain is high and the fear is near,
we ask that it be done.
When the light is dark and the sun is moon,
we vanish in the black of the sun.

The middle of the night the sky rings,
and soon it is time to wake.
Opening your eyes isn’t so easy,
your bones begin to shake.

The cloudy mirror sits with its reflection so still,
your eyes look into themselves.
Retinas black with shattered frail hope,
inside the madness dwells.

When the clock is set and the dawn arise, 
I fear we’re out of the luck.
When the big hand goes small and we hear the tick to tock,
We begin our descent through the muck.

Fists have been clenched with the strength of men,
faith in ones self has expired.
You try to arise with your rifle in hand,
only your muscles are too cold and tired.

I’d tell you we care, I’d tell you we knew,
only bombs have taken your ears.
Leaving the love and the children behind,
is all a man ever fears.

© MJD 2010


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