Home (In Loving Memoriam)


 I wrote this poem shortly after the loss of my Grandmother Mimi (Shirley Rose Peterson).

She helped raise me, and was at many times a “saving grace in my life”. She was and still is a huge part of my life in so many ways.

I do believe she is still around me guarding me and at times I feel her laughing at me and all the silly mistakes I make, or the clumsy things I do.

She will never be forgotten and will be forever missed. (I read this at her funeral)



There is a place, a palace in time and space.

A place where dreams are reality and the imagination is given ground.

The mind can wander from the body without leaving,

while the body can travel but goes nowhere.

A place of design;

the place where life ends then begins.

The place that is lost somewhere in between,

for some to never see.

A treasure so priceless,

it’s worthless in its own reality.

It can not be compared to,

it will not hold a candle to its own soul.

That which gives it life and power:

the beauty you can not look upon.

The purity that strikes with such awe,

that it is often mistaken for fear.

The love that sits on her throne,

with creation alongside.

The source in us for which we all search to find.

The home I wish to go,

All in good time.


© MJD 2000




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