Beyond The Rainbow

Beyond The Rainbow


A world stands before you as you look ahead to see
That you alone, nobody else, can tell you what to be.

You have the chance to make a choice,
So take it now, and use your voice.
Whatever path you choose to walk, rest assured of this:
You alone can pave the way, succeed or go amiss.

Into the endless skies we fly, our futures are our own.


Magic wings carry us across the bright blue sky,
Following the paths we make, our dreams will never die.

To make a choice and hold it true, to seek your heart’s desire.
Carried by this mystic force that’s burning bright like golden fire.

This path I take, the journey long, my wings will take me there.
Impossible to stop now, I can fly anywhere

Like a Dragon, wild and free, my path is what I choose.
As long as I am strong and true, I cannot ever lose!

I fly beyond the Rainbow, beyond the Sky and Sea.
Soaring high beyond this world, into Eternity.

Inside our hearts, we all are kings and queens, no one can steal our throne.

MJD 9/2010 ©

Beyond The Rainbow



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