NY Fashion Week Jitters

I get them every time! Not that I get to go all the time, in fact this is only my third show, and one of those times I was a mere spectator. To my delight they’ve all been for the same designer, Malan Breton. Malan is such a humble and lovely man. He has always been so kind to me, especially considering I am new to the world of Runway Photography. I could go into the immense talents Malan’s possesses, but that would take a good while to type out. In a sense Malan has set me on a path of my journey. I will forever be thankful to him. 

My good friend Rie Sadler has been a field reporter for Blogging Project Runway  for some time. Rie believed in me and was sweet enough to mention my name to BPR.  She is a sweetheart, and similar to Malan, I couldn’t have found my way to this fantastic world of fashion without her and her faith in me. 

This will be my second official “gig” as a Runway Photographer for Blogging Project Runway

I have also met some of the mot wonderful talented and friendly people. One of those people being Ronnie Kroell. Ronnie is a man who is not only extremely good-looking, but is also a man with innocence and goodness in his soul. You can see it in his eyes. His heart is pure and his love for others is obvious. He is exactly the type of person, I think more people should aspire to be. Have I mentioned his website? Check my Fiercely Talented page…seriously.

So, anyway…onto the part where my nerves are kicking me right in the tummy. My last experience,  let’s say it had a chaotic sweetness to it.

The lighting in the room was dark around the runway, but the runway itself had lights that could literally melt the sun! So, I had to figure out how to get my camera to shoot in that kind of light environment. Shall I say not easy! Another cool and quasi-helpful photographer tried explaining that the lights from the runway run on a Kelvin system. I was like “What?”. But, kept my cool and acted my way through it by being calm and collective, nodding…. “ah yes, yes”!  I am a self-taught photographer, so at times I shoot from my heart. 

THEN, I find out (And HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO  Andrew Werner) that we are not to use flash while the models are actually walking the runway. (Can you imagine the embarassment….Oh good lord!)

There are people everywhere setting up, models with half hair and makeup done, which I thought was simply fantastic! Rie and I were supposed to have backstage coverage, but there were so many photographers, in such a small space, with limited time…that I never got that chance. Perhaps this time, will be different.

One of the BEST parts by far was right before the show, they get all the press together in this itty bitty roped off area to take our shots. Everyone is elbow to elbow, snap! snap! snap! It was sweet insanity! I loved every second, and every snap! 

There was a point where my camera froze up and another super sweet photographer helped me, meantime missing a few of his own shots! Like, I said earlier, there are some really sweet, good-hearted people in fashion…not to mention good-looking and dressed to kill!!

I wish I remembered all of the names of the other photographers who helped me, so this is a mass thank you too all of you.

And so, you live and you learn.

I hope this time I am better prepared. I know I won’t be sleeping Sunday night. I never do before events like this.

Although, if Ronnie Kroell were to say….”hey Mel do ya wanna chill Sunday night?”… it wouldn’t bother me one bit!


Oh, one more thing…..

I went to Malan’s After-party, went to sit outside of The Kiss and Fly nightclub. There were others around me, all great looking model types…not even just types but models. One lovely gentleman, whose name I never caught told me I was beautiful. Asked me if I modelled and how old I was. I told him I used to model non professionally…and that I was 31 at the time. He was in shock. He said I had “flawless skin”…he won a piece of my heart!!

 The rest goes to Ronnie. 🙂




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