Life’s Love (Poem)

Life’s Love
Most prefer the simple life,
in which I have no part.

This world is to dull, 
just sitting around.

’Tis why I turn to art.

Others have no goal – no dream,
spare time to simply waste.

I’ve seen it all before
it’s far too,
boring for my taste.

Why not fill a blank page,
with emotion from the heart?

Whether picture, poem
story, song….

It’s all a form of art.

Why not use imagination,
to ease reality’s pain?

Escape on words and thoughts,
soaking up, 

meaning like the rain.

While preserving your ideas before
they fade and leave your mind.

You try somehow,
to revive them….

Thinking thoughtless, unable to find.

Anyone can be inspiring,
yet anyone hardly ever dares.

As they walk aimlessly,
in circles.

nothing matters, when no one cares.

Melissa J. Daniels 2011 ©


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