Things I Have Learned (Poem)

Things I Have Learned
Always and never,
use these words sparingly.
Very few things are never,
almost nothing is always.

You are NOT broken!
Stay away from people,
who want to “fix” you.

Don’t be afraid of strangers.
Be smart about them,
But don’t be afraid.

Live by yourself ,
even if only for a few months.
There’s going to come a time
when you will need to be strong
and self-sufficient to survive.
Some experience at it
might be a good idea.

I’ll be happy when…
or I’ll be happy if…
why not just stop at
I’ll be happy.

At least once a year
go for a walk
with a child’s hand
in yours.

Have faith in something.
Believe in something,
bigger than yourself,
and don’t let anyone
define that for you.

At least once you should
dance with abandon.
Love in excess.
Covet with wantful eyes
something sinful
and delicious,
and immerse yourself
in it
completely and fully.
the consummation
of lust.

But whatever comes your way,
whatever you do



strive for grace.

You will always be beautiful.

Melissa J. Daniels 2011 ©


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