Lyme Disease, Part 2

I wrote about my suffering with Lyme disease a week or so ago. I just recently found this video on YouTube and I wanted to share it with all of you. The things shown and said in this video hit my heart hard. I feel that way all the time, and think those same things. Something needs to be done about this. A little understanding and compassion are in order from the medical community!

We are sick, help us!!!

There are so many people out there who do not understand what I am dealing with. Here is a little video I found that might give you a little perspective.

To concerned family and friends: I am not ill with an eating disorder, I am not ill with a mental illness. I am ill because of Lyme Disease.

Please watch!!

Are you also a sufferer of Lyme Disease? Here is a link for a site that will give you information on support groups you can join. You aren’t alone!!

Lyme Info

Another site of interest…please GET INVOLVED!

The Lyme Project

(Columbia Medical studies are being conducted now for Lyme Disease sufferers. I am considering this an option for myself.)



2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease, Part 2

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