I am a unique soul. I contain a difference from the rest of the world. I am me. I am who I am and who I am is me. Throughout time countless people have asked the question “Who am I?” hoping for some sort of existential and prolific answer, but none ever come. Today I become more aware of why that is.

Who we are is merely a reflection of who we opt not to be but are in reality. We cannot contain the desires of world around us, much less the world itself, yet we strive to conform to what is around us. I look around and see, but do not respond because I am not the driver. No, I am frail and mute but I still stand in tact.

Think of a flower, the flower is  a mere thought, not a reality. The same as I think of someone else not of myself – they are but a thought, not a reality. Trust is an intention of the heart but an enemy of the mind, but is the heart and mind in constant battle with one another?  Which is stronger? Well, the mind, of course. For if the heart were actually stronger, than perhaps life would hold more meaning.

Those who claim to will the heart over the mind are indeed belligerent in their words only to deny the reality of what they wish not to be but are in veracity. Can we but will the heart to overcome the mind for a mere moment in time? Hardly, for if we could autonomously will the heart to work as a super-power of sorts and essentially deny the copious harassing of the mind then would we not be autonomous ourselves? Demigods of sorts? Perhaps some would suggest this as too stark a conclusion, but is it?

Veracity comes in many sorts but would we not be a bit impetuous to justify ourselves just yet? I would suggest this to be true. For if we as blind, sin-driven, sullied, egotistical, humans have the capacity to will ourselves to do such a wondrous of a thing as to trounce the mind with the heart unattended then would we not be as pungent as God?

Melissa J Daniels ©  2010


One thought on “Unique

  1. I identify deeply with this Melissa.

    There is only one unrepeated, unrepeatable us.

    Embrace this. I do.

    Some get it, some don’t. Some treasure us as the greatest gift ever freely offered, some betray us in the most vicious possible manners.

    Let it all float by.

    I’ll be me.

    You be you.

    And I love you.

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