In Memoriam of Matthew Wayne Shepard

Today marks the tragic death of Matthew Wayne Shepard. Do you remember? I do.

Rest in Peace Matthew!

Matthew Shepard, Rest in Peace


(December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) was a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming, in October 1998. He was attacked on the night of October 6–7, and died at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, on October 12 from severe head injuries.

During the trial, witnesses stated that Shepard was targeted because he was homosexual. Shepard’s murder brought national and international attention to the issue of hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.

Please visit the Matthew Shepard Foundation

Matthew Shepard Website

9 thoughts on “In Memoriam of Matthew Wayne Shepard

  1. Some thoughts on this case. During the 1999 trial, the defense claimed that Matthew (MW) Shepard 1st grabbed AJ McKinney’s groin against his will after which AJ McKinney hit MW Shepard many times over the head with a gun (both in & outside the truck) putting MW Shepard into a coma. After this, AJ McKinney & RA Henderson tied MW Shepard to a fence & stole his wallet. He died several days later.

    Alright the jury didn’t believe AJ McKinney’s story. The Laramie Police Department doesn’t believe AJ McKinney’s story. Of course, given that it’s a high profile case, if the defense had suggested that such a scenario is possible, they would’ve been condemned & that would’ve been bad policy, as the police would want to distance themselves from publicity.

    RA Henderson, AJ McKinney & the late MW Shepard, those are the only 3 witnesses., so only they know why. The other witnesses who testified-the bartender, the girlfriends of both men didn’t see what had happened & thus can’t prove nor disprove AJ McKinney’s claim.

    AJ McKinney admittedly was a drug seller with a criminal record & shortly after the MW Shepard case, he got into a fight with 2 other men, perhaps a drug seller fighting with 2 buyers. Even if AJ McKinney’s story is true, he is still guilty in that he did more than what was needed to protect himself.

    Regardless of whether AJ McKinney’s story is true or false, if a homosexual is going to grab another man’s groin against his will & the man reacts by beating up or killing the homosexual, then he has done so in reaction to a crime that the homo has committed.

    Grabbing another man’s groin against his will is a crime anywhere from a minimum of battery (if intent isn’t sexual) to a maximum of sex abuse.

    It’s my view that much of the homophobic violence happens as a result of a crime which the homosexual 1st committed against the man & the man reacts or overreacts in disproportion. Now alright, with self-defense, you may only do what is reasonably needed to defend yourself, but it’s better to have a case where a jury decides whether a man’s reaction to beating up or killing a homosexual who has grabbed his groin against his will is reasonable or excessive force vs. have a case where the homo does something more violent if he doesn’t get his way such as stab the man.

    There was another Shephard case in 2006-the murder of Jason Kyle Shephard in Penn. by a homo named William F. Smithson-convicted of 1st Degree Murder & doing life. WF Smithson had a past history of grabbing other men’s groins against their will, but his victims didn’t do anything about it. In 2006, WF Smithson put a drug in JK Shephard’s drink & then started touching JK Shephard but not enough knockout drug was given. JK Shephard then tried to stop him, but was strangled. The press didn’t give much coverage to this man’s murder as they did to the 1998 MW Shepard case.

    1. Though you had some valid things to say, I must disagree with you on a few issues. No one deserves death as retribution for any type of unwanted contact (which I do not believe to be true in this case).
      You Said: ”

      It’s my view that much of the homophobic violence happens as a result of a crime which the homosexual 1st committed against the man”

      You are entitled to your opinions. But, I think you need to open your eyes to the fact that no young gay man, especially one so confused by his sexuality…would endanger himself by “grabbing” another mans Groin.
      That would just be stupid and Matthew was far from stupid. This type of thing is not typical for “homo’s” as you put it, to do. But it is as you say, only those who were there that day truly know what happened.

      You said:

      “if a homosexual is going to grab another man’s groin against his will & the man reacts by beating up or killing the homosexual, then he has done so in reaction to a crime that the homo has committed.”

      It’s people like you that need to be educated and shown that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual…and that most of them are great people with BIG hearts. No one deserves to die for unwanted advances!
      Would you then also agree that if I were inappropriately touched (grabbed and spanked on the ass) which happens more often than I’d like…that I think would have the right to kill that person??

      You can’t be serious….can you??

  2. We don’t know 1 way or the other if Matthew Shepard did or did not grab AJ McKinney’s groin against his will. We were not there. Matthew Shepard did suffer from depression. Did he have other personality issues that we don’t know about ? We’ll probably never know. But to address your other ponts.

    If a homosexual is going to grab another man’s groin against his will, you euphemized it by calling it ‘unwanted advances.’ Grabbing some1’s groin against their will is a crime & calling it ‘unwanted advances’ is a code or euphemism for battery & sex abuse. The man has a right to use any reasonable force to defend themselves. If you’re going to say that there’s nothing wrong with this, then should a man have a right to grab a woman’s boobs against her will & not face legal punishment? A homosexual has no right to grab another man’s groin against his will for the same reason as a man has no right to grab another woman’s boobs against her will. Will you then use the coded euphemized language that if a man does something more serious such as rape a woman, it should then be called ‘unwanted sexual intercourse’ rather than rape?

    Alright, deadly force maybe excessive, but again, if a homo is anti-social enough to grab another man’s groin against his will & the man doesn’t do enough, he may become a victim of homosexual rape. Even if nothing else happens to him, what could happen to the next man? A homosexual who grabs another man’s groin against his will must be arrested & put in jail.

    Yes, I would rather have a case where the man beats up a homosexual who has grabbed his groin against his will vs. have the homosexual do something more violent if he doesn’t get his way. Also yes, I admit that I see something wrong with men having sex with men & women having sex with women. I also see something wrong with sex changes.

    Homosexuals may not choose orientation & there may be a gene as to why it happens. But they do choose behavior & imposing celibacy is best for homosexuals, even if orientation doesn’t change. Let me say that is my view that men should only have sex with women. If science eventually found a cure for homosexuality & if same sex behaviors disappeared, I wouldn’t lose sleep over this.

    Your turn now, but what you wrote in your last email is that battery & sex abuse is nothing serious when it’s homosexual in nature. Why ‘homophobic’ violence happens must be judged individually, but if a man beats up or kills a homosexual after the homo has grabbed the man’s groin against his will, then like it or not, the man has done so in reaction or overreaction to a crime that the homosexual has committed. Finally, Dr. NE Whitehead has found that homosexuals have higher incidence of anti-social behavior.

    1. Sir, After your admission: “Also yes, I admit that I see something wrong with men having sex with men & women having sex with women.”
      I really have no reason to respond any further.

  3. 1st of all, thanks for allowing my posts & your thoughts. It’s fine if you don’t have any reason to respond further-but I didn’t answer 1 of your ?s properly because I misread it & will do so towards the end. But I do feel that you need to know where my views come from. If you want to give me the thumbs down, well you’re welcome to do so, but it seems that you’re giving me the thumbs down & maybe condemning me because I raise things which you may not have seriously thought about. But to the views.

    To start with, I used to be neutral on the topic of homosexuality, but in 2005, I changed my view to that of if science finds a cure for homosexuality & if the only sexual behavior left in the world is between a man & a woman, then that is fine with me & I wouldn’t lose sleep if homosexuality is eventually cured-science could eventually find this.

    Let me say that my view unlike many others isn’t based on religious faith. I happen to differ with Judeo-Christians & Muslims (Moslems) on topics such as abortion (I’m pro-choice) but I agree with them on homosexuality. I have no right to tell a Judeo-Christian or Muslim that same sex behaviors are Okay, for the same reason as I have no right to tell a Hindu or Jew that eating meat (esp. beef) & pork are Okay. In justness to the Judeo-Christians & Muslims, they were always against homo&lesbian sexual behaviors long before discussions arose over the causes.

    As to why do people engage in same sex activities? It’s complex & complicated. With biology, they’re unsure if it’s genes, hormones or a combination. If a man was homosexually raped when he was a boy (ironically BOTH Matthew Shepard & AJ McKinney were homosexually raped when they were boys), then the likelihood is greater that he’ll engage in homosexual behaviors as an adult. If Matthew Shepard had not been homosexually raped when he was a boy, would he still have engaged in them in his adulthood? Unsure. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that such a traumatic experience would mess up the mind & may cause some people to act in ways they wouldn’t have. Being homosexually raped in their youths messed up both Matthew Shepard & AJ McKinney’s minds. The stories of the 3 men-Matthew Wayne (MW) Shepard, Aaron James (AJ) McKinney & Russell A. (RA) Henderson (his mom was killed in a robbery) are indeed sad.

    What also changed my views on homosexuality after thinking about this is that there’s so much ideology on this. Most homosexual groups are pro-choice on the right to engage in same sex behaviors, yet they’re hostile to repair therapy for homos & lesbians who want to go straight. It’s Okay in their view for people to engage in same sex behaviors & ironically it’s even Okay to be against straight sexuality-bisexuality comes to mind & an eg. would be 2 women going @ it in porn (fail to understand why men watch lesbian scenes as it’s not exciting or why they put in porn) is 1 eg. But if a homoman or lesbian is unhappy about engaging in homo&lesbian actvities, most homosexual groups are hostile & even anti-choice to their right to change to straight activities or celibacy. In other words, it’s Okay to engage in homosexual activities, but it’s wrong for them to want to quit or change.

    People who engage in homo&lesbian sexual activities (esp. homosexual men) have higher rates of Venereal Disease (VD), depressions, suicides, anti-social behavior, etc. Why ? Homosexual groups will usu. say that it’s because of societal attitudes but Dr. NE Whitehead has mentioned that it’s more complicated. There are homosexuals who are anti-social enough to grab another man’s groin against his will. Also you claimed that I believe Matthew Shepard deserved to die, when I wrote that even if AJ McKinney’s story is true, he is still guilty. If he had punched MW Shepard once or twice & then called the cops to report the abuse, then that would’ve been 1 thing. 18 blows to the head with a gun was excessive & he went too far. But again, we may never know why it happened, but what we do know is that the 3 men in the case have had sad events in life.

    Regardless, with self-defense, you may only do what is reasonably needed to defend yourself. If a mugger is attacking a man, the man has a right to use reasonable force to defend himself. If he beats up the mugger & the mugger surrenders-once the danger is reasonably over (such as he has tied up the mugger or handcuffed him), he has no right to continue beating him up. He must call the police, who’ll take the mugger to jail & then the courts take it from there. Also, what is reasonable force to defend yourself from an attacker must be viewed individually. In fact with murder cases, whether some1 is convicted of 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, Manslaughter or acquitted if he successfully argues self-defense is a matter for juries to decide after hearing both the prosecution & the defense.

    Finally, I didn’t properly answer your ?. You talked about cases where men have grabbed or spanked women’s asses. If this has happened to you or if it is currently happening to you, CALL THE POLICE. Sex abuse, rape & domestic violence accusations by women are taken seriously by the cops. In fact, it’s taken so seriously that there have even been high profile cases such as the 2006 Duke rape accusation where men were arrested & villified in the press only to be found that they were innocent-the woman made it up.

    With domestic violence, there have been cases where men have called the police to report that their wives or girlfriends hit them (there are violent women) only to find themselves arrested for abuse&battery rather than their wives because the cops believed that they had hit their wives or girlfriends, when it fact the wife was the 1 who did it. Anyhow, hopefully this answers you & unsure what else can be added here.

  4. You are welcome for leaving your posts up on my blog, as I feel it is important to have your thoughts be heard, however misguided I find them to be. Everyone deserves freedom of speech, and that I am giving you.

    Onto a few points. First, any child who endures any type of abuse whether it be physical, mental or sexual, they are always going to have issues surrounding it in their future. Counseling and time help, but those wounds never completely heal.
    I am a child of abuse, and have heard that studies have shown that we are more likely to be abusers ourselves. I can tell you this, I will never EVER abuse my child in ANY form. I did not turn out to be an angry or violent woman. In fact, I am a poet and an artist with a big heart, and a soft spot for people who are misunderstood.

    This is the same principle you described when you were speaking about homosexuals becoming that way after being raped or abused.

    Homosexuality is not a choice, that is what people need to understand. There is not a CURE for it, and those who are in a homosexual lifestyle, wouldn’t want it any other way. They know who they are, and who they are attracted to. I do not think that it would be prudent to try to mess with the human physiology in order to try and change something that comes naturally to some people.

    The Mormon church has been trying for years through programs to change homosexuals to straights, and it never ever works. Sometimes, it may appear so, but I would go as far to say I am 99% sure he would be faking it for religious or family reasons.

    As for protecting yourself, I believe everyone has that right as well. I do not believe in physical violence however.

    A hero of mine, Martin Luther King Jr. said in his “I have a dream speech” : “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

    Love and Peace….and let it be……


  5. Thanks again & after thinking about this, will comment on what you wrote surrounding repair therapy for homosexuality (you bringing up Mormons). Yes, there’s inefficacy, but the medical & psychological community has long lost neutrality on homosexuality. Since the late 1990s, major groups such as the American Medical Association (AMA) have condemned repair therapy. This IMO, is based more on politics & ideology.

    The AMA talks about inefficacy but this is a sidetopic, because they’re against it no matter what the efficacy. Gerald C. Davison is a mainstream psychologist who in 1974 advocated that psychologists not offer repair therapy to homosexuals even if they want it. Even in 1989, his views were regarded as fringe but since the 2000s, the conclusions of GC Davison has been accepted by the mainstream medical community such as the American Medical Association (AMA).

    The homosexuals & lesbians who go into repair therapy to try to turn straight do so because as written earlier, they’re unhappy about who they are. BTW, this poster is not a repair therapist. The homosexuals & lesbians were told by mainstream psychologists that this is who they are & that seeking repair therapy to try to go straight is not an option to be considered, but they did not find peace here & thus go to repair therapy. If they feel that they’re not helped by repair therapy, they return to their old ways-thus the inefficacy you mentioned. But there are some people who have been helped by repair therapy.

    Dr. Robert L. Spitzer in 2001 & since then has said that he believes repair therapy does work in some cases to change orientation. For many years, he did not believe homosexual orientation could change though behavior could, but in 2001 & since then he says that he does believe that for some homosexuals, orientation change is possible though after a long & difficult journey. Why did he change or @least moderate his views after so many years? Perhaps repair therapy has advanced since the 1970s that it has succeeded in some cases. Science is always advancing & science on repair therapy to treat homosexuality is always advancing.

    Researcher Simon LeVay is a pro-homosexual scientist who did the brain studies in the early 1990s with regard to is homosexuality said in 2001 that while he has a dim view of repair therapy to try to cure homosexuality, if they want repair therapy to try to go straight, he will support their right to do so.

    There is hubris on the part of the medical & psychological professions to refuse repair therapy for homosexuals who wish to have it. Dr. Robert L. Spitzer has said that while homosexuals should not be forced into repair therapy, he believes it is hubris & arrogance for psychologists to tell them that they should not have the right to seek it if this is what they want.

    The topic of repair therapy is complicated & complex. But science could eventually find the cure for homosexuality, be it pill, shot or surgery to go straight , as science is always advancing. It would be fair to say that if a cure for homosexuality is eventually found, there will be many homosexuals & lesbians taking the cure. It’s hard to know how many homosexuals & lesbians in their minds would rather be straight, but engage in same sex behaviors because they have been told that going straight is not an option. Those are my thoughts & thanks for reading.

  6. it is my opinion that Mr. Snow is fun has some deep seeded internal conflict about his own sexuality and therefore uses such forums to somehow justify his immoral thoughts.

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