Philip Sharpless Helps Runaway Slave To Freedom

My ancestors….were good peeps!!
It appears that my Great Great Great Great Grandfather Philip Sharpless (Born in 1810) was an Abolitionist who helped a runaway slave named Rachel Harris find her way to freedom via the Underground Railroad in Chester County.
Rachel Harris’s story has been adapted to a dance performance by the West Chester Dance Works.
Rachel Harris: One Woman Over The Line
Rachel Harris’s Husband Isaac Harris worked for Philip Sharpless at his Brickyard.
The following is an excerpt from an article in the Chester County Living section of the Daily Local News written by Chester County Historical Society’s Pam Powell:
“Somehow, Abolitionist Philip Sharpless, learned where Harris was. Since known abolitionists would be watched, Sharpless devised a plan to move Harris and her husband out of West Chester. Benjamin Price and his two sons regularly attended lectures held in the evening at the High Street Friends Meeting, so their carriage passing through the streets would not be unusual. According to the plan, Harris dressed in men’s clothing that evening and walked to the meeting-house accompanied by her husband. The couple met Price in the meeting carriage shed and were taken on a 45 mile trip to Norristown to the home of William H. Johnson. After remaining in Norristown for a while, the Harris’s travelled to Canada where they did not have to dare recapture and finally tasted true freedom”.
I think it’s really awesome that my family was a part of the Underground Railroad…it’s something I never knew…and am really proud to tell the world about.

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