Brides March against Domestic Violence 2010

“Getting Hit Is Not Love”

As some of you know I have had my share of experiences with the horrors of Domestic Violence. As a child I was a witness to some very traumatic events…which still haunt me to this day.

What some of you may not know is that, the same day as the MENY March for Marriage Equality, there was also a group of protesters trying to have their voices heard.

Those people are the victims of Domestic Violence. And their voices deserve to be heard too!

Domestic Violence is an illusive epidemic in our country. It is an issue that has devastating effects on children who witness and endure it.

If you see something, know someone needs help….don’t just do nothing because “it’s none of your business”. IT IS your business. And you will be a childs hero!

"Precious Smiles"



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