I took a Big Bite of the Big Apple!!

First Red Carpet Photo of Me
Me with Paulie Z, Mike Ruiz, Andrew Werner

I had such a wonderful evening last night. My friend William invited me out to go to the A-List’s, Mike Ruiz’s Birthday Celebration. What a fantastic party in an amazingly swanky new club, INDUSTRY!

I got to meet some new people who were all very sweet! Reichen Lehmkuhl, Ryan Nickulas and Mike Ruiz were all so lovely to meet! I was also kept in good company by Paulie Z, who is definitely a Gentleman.

Malan Breton came as well, and brought big smiles to my face. It is a pleasure as always to see him. I am also pleased that we FINALLY got a good photo of the two of us, YAY!

Melissa J Daniels & Malan Breton

But, the party wasn’t over quite yet. As we made our way across town to another birthday celebration, for the lovely Dame Betty Grafstein.

We walked in to her brilliantly decorated NYC apartment and to my happy surprise I saw a lot of familiar faces. Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen were there, looking amazing as usual!!

Nole Marin was also there, and he even remembered me! 🙂 We got  the chance to speak for some time, which was so nice. He is certainly a man of many talents… and I am in awe. We also got a good photo of the two of us, because as luck would have it, my camera doesn’t like to take pictures of me with others that actually turn out. But… I got lucky!


Melissa J Daniels & Nole Marin

While attending Dame Betty’s party, I spoke with a very unique and interesting Gentleman. His look was so different and intriguing, I couldn’t help by being fascinated by how he put his look together. OK, so the funny part is, the whole time I never even knew it…but I was talking with the one and only Richie Rich!! And folks, he is one über talented and wonderful guy. 🙂


Richie Rich and I


All in All, it was just another spectacularly special and memorable night!

Here’s the link to ALL of the photo’s from that evening.



Here is a short video I made of the Mike Ruiz Birthday Celebration.


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