“Monstrous” Kristin Costa 2011

Designer: Kristin Costa

“Monstrous” is Kristin Costa‘s fall/winter 2011 collection

is inspired by themes of inner human demons and how people perceive and reconcile with them. The collection uses painted corsets and hand drawn prints as well as hand knits, and knitwear, to illustrate a dreamlike internal world . The show was presented with an original score by Nick Levinos, performed by Sleepy Dickens. Performers from Desert Sin Dance company  modeled, making it a fashion show with the presence of a play.”

I was accompanied by my dear friend Travis Antonio-Ruiz McQuoid this evening.  We arrived at The Inc Lounge promptly to see a show that was sure to be a lovely and dark fantasy ride into fashion. And Kristin did not disappoint. Though I must admit that the location of the fashion show, as lovely a place as it is…. was a little odd and tight spaced.

Aside from that….Kristin’s designs we spectacularly creative, dark and beautiful. Her style was reminiscent to me, of the Artist Amy Brown. Her fairy illustrations have always been a favorite of mine. So, needless to say…this was my kind of show!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin and speaking with her for a few moments. She is very sweet and talented. I wish her much continued success.

Kristin Costa’s Weblog

“Monstrous” Kristin Costa
Model: Psyche Chimere
Model: Psyche Chimere

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Part 1

Part 2

(Special thank you to Travis Antonio-Ruiz McQuoid, Videographer)


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