Ronnie Kroell & Quintessentially Present: Trevor Project Panel

Ronnie Kroell’s Trevor Project Panel, was held at Quintessentially on Hudson.

“Quintessentially is first and foremost a club, a club for those who believe that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best. Members are given a membership card which brings with it a huge variety of benefits, many of which are worth a great deal of money. Besides the monetary advantages, membership also brings the chance to enjoy a collection of goods, services, treats and practical help that we believe will make a serious difference to our members’ lives. Most of what Quintessentially has to offer can be accessed online through our website. Our mission is to bring you only the very best whether it be opera, music, art, travel, food and drink.”

Quintessentially is a spectacularly beautiful place and it was the perfect venue for such an event.

A screening of Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign was hosted by Bravo’s Ronnie Kroell and followed by a Broadway actor symposium sharing individual personal “stories of courage” – Colin Cunliffe from Addams Family, writer Ben Ryan, and more…

Here are some images from the event.


Ronnie Kroell
Quintessentially on Hudson
Quintessentially on Hudson

Want to See more photo’s? Click Here!!


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