Dior and The Ugliness of John Galliano

I must say, I am utterly disgusted by John Galliano’s recent antisemitic slurs. Praising Adolf Hitler is beyond reproach! The jewish people are wonderful individuals, and even more importantly, human beings!

I was a big fan of his designs. I still believe him to be a brilliant designer, but I digress, not a very “kindhearted” man. He may even be up on charges soon as well, because there are laws against what he said! Aside from his losing his job, I hope there will also be some sort of civil justice done.

I have heard some people talking about boycotting Dior, and I must say I disagree with this approach. Dior is not composed of just one man!

Now that action has been taken and Galliano is no longer with Dior, I urge people to continue wearing and using their Dior products, as I know I will.

The entire company doesn’t deserve to suffer for one man’s ignorance.

I Still J’Adore Dior

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