Fear Feeds

Attribute it to
In awe of the approaching

I lose articulation.
All sense of… assurance
Lost in

Don’t doubt my demeanor.
I’m dubitable.
Never really disputable.

Dread the day
When “dare not’s”
Are despotic and distributable.
It’s distressing and
Digesting this drollery
Is next to detestable.

Concern for my cowardice
Creates confusion…
I am losing my grip,
My restraint.

Confounded by
Concessions given,
I Cringe in the wake.

Call me to consciousness.
Captivate my contemplation.
My need to console.

Fainthearted and faltering, found freedom in fleeing.

It is fleeting but
Falling to flitting flights
Of fetching fancy
Can be freeing.

Fret formidable flaws.
Flinch at the notion
Of fraudulent cause.
You’ll Forgive me,
For failing?

Prevent probable pause,
In a panicked posture
Predicting a flawed paradox
Of paranoia and perdition.

Call it preoccupation
With perplexing partition.
Or simply a problem-
No proposition…
Not to placate the persistent.

Existence in
Tension-tried times of
Temporary torment.
It’s tricky.

Taking traitorous forms and
Then trembles in trepid,
Transience upon termination.
It isn’t quite tribulation
But a test of tenacity.

© MJD 2011


3 thoughts on “Fear Feeds

  1. I am trying to publish my writings. I former tech nerd cannot figure it out. Well enough about me as this is about your work. It is really good. I feel close to you or better said close to your soul, spirit, a poet is a subject that hides between what is not said and maybe discussed or people may say they get it (the meaning). A good poet lies separate and makes lures the reader to toward away from subject to object. A poet may not even know where the line of disengagement begins or could the mind of a poet be pollute with real wisdom of the subject (oneself or others), I don’t imagine it to be so, as such, your poetry engages me as the reader as I said the assumptions, meanings are such a topic for many it is exhausting. Engaged and connections come from the subject distancing itself within the object. Or in other words, I like reading you. Hope you will give me constructive feedback once I finish setting up my site. I know you by the way, not as friend, but as am imagine, who lured me and engages me as a subject into light within the dark. I admire your collection. I like how you write and can see how your style and form mature, grow, thrive, (improve as in not stagnant) progressing toward what should continue to allude us as writers. Good work self muse.

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