Non-Mechanical Parts and Kimchi

I seemed to have escaped the darkness that had surrounded me, for a short and blissful intermission. Like a prisoner on Alcatraz I swam at my peril through shark infested waters. I washed ashore half-drowned, broken and bloodied. With high hopes and my slate washed clean I walked and walked until the dawn.

Daylight exposes truth through a veil of silence. The atrophy and decay of the bitter heart and soul, can be mended; I prayed.
I found myself somewhere I’d never been, a scary place, a beautiful place…and you were there.

The city never seemed so magical. The scent of the train cars and hot air rushing past our faces as we stood silently, waiting. The pounding in my chest resonating like musical cords, I’d never learned how to play.  Affections I’d never felt before came rushing though me more quickly than the express trains capacity.

As broken as I was, I could not stop the rush of air from coming. You started to blow me away, as soon as you kissed me that first time. Were I a train I would have tried to keep on my route. Lacking mechanical parts, and possessing too many non-mechanical parts, I got in the way. My derailment smashed me to bits.

Sleep taunts the tortured. Allowing dreaming to plague the mind. A disease that builds and stalks you deep inside of your consciousness, following you into a reality that is not so clutter-free.

Always a step behind, a subway train ahead.

Somewhere, he eats Kimchi without me.

© Melissa J. Daniels

All Rights Reserved


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