A Siren

I watched the night,
Until the morning could take flight.

Daylight would carry me on the wings
of the brothers Wright.

With land finally in sight,
my feet hit the ground..

I paused…
I spun around.

Feeling childlike and unexplainably free,
my eyes darting here to there.

Wondering where you were
and if
…could you see me?

My inner light found you,
as I danced in your meadow bright.

Purity radiating phosphorescence,
bathing me in your luminescence.

I had never felt like this,
not even in my adolescence.

An embrace and a kiss,
I have never known love to feel like this.

Memory clouds that winding road,

I can feel my fingers
In your hair.

My fingers are convinced,
they are still swirling there.

Four wheeled motion stopped,
as a beaming streak of light fell to greet us.

A signal of the Divine,
A token of Perseus.

Showering stardust onto
Our two souls awakening.

My trembling heart set ablaze,
Sings a fateful melodic phrase.

…of kismet, love and devotion.

A siren to his sailboat,
Adrift in the ocean.

©Melissa J Daniels 2012

All Rights Reserved


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