Who is Melissa J. Daniels?

I am a Freelance Photographer. My main areas of focus have been Landscape, Night Landscape & Astrophotography as well as Severe Weather/Storm Photography.  

I am passionate about weather and astronomy and am a trained SKYWARN Severe Weather Spotter.

I was born in a small Army town of New Jersey, during the early hours of a balmy summer morning in 1978.

With much trial and error, tenacity and diligence, I have become a well versed self-taught photographer. I attribute my vision in part to; dedication, pure fascination, and also tutelage of my heroes, mentors and good friends.

I am available for commissioned projects.

There is currently an update in progress at The Nymph and The Bee.

Please, stay tuned.


Pricing information is available upon request at:


The Wunderground

Find me on Instagram
Find me on Instagram
My YouTube Channel
My YouTube Channel

9 thoughts on “Who is Melissa J. Daniels?

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Emily Shutt is my daughter, so I’ve enjoyed your postings on FB. I have bookmarked your new site. Just wanted to let you know, since there is no way to ‘like’ it or ‘join’ like on FB.
    Love your photo’s!!

  2. Hello, so lovely to exchange word with a poet of some mirth. I do so enjoy your nature shots above as well, from a far I swore for a moment that you had unearthed a beach entombed fossil of some horse shoe crab relation. I read too much Lovecraft, clearly;)

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