Supermoon June 2013

I decided that instead of taking a close up zoom shot of the moon, I would photograph a night landscape instead.
The light of the full perigree moon made it seem as though I was shooting in daylight. But, if you look very closely you will see stars illuminated in the sky.


In Loving Memory of Carl R. Young

In Memory of Carl Young, Tim and Paul Samaras
Carl R. Young

I lost one of my best friends on Friday May 31, 2013.

His name was Carl Young. Carl was killed doing what he loved, researching tornadoes in ElReno, Oklahoma. On that day and on so many others, Carl was on a mission to collect important weather data with his Twistex (Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in/near Tornadoes Experiment) mentor and close friend Tim Samaras as well as Tim’s son Paul Samaras. Tim and Paul were also killed.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding that day have flooded my world, through social media as well as news networks and morning talk shows. It has been surreal. But, I have to believe that what Mrs. Samaras said at Tim and Paul’s memorial service is right, that something good has GOT to come of all of this.

I met Carl in 2011 when a photo of a funnel cloud that I had taken appeared to him, intriguing him into sparking up a conversation with me. We were instantly mesmerized by each other. I was very curious about extreme weather and meteorology and he was always willing to explain things to me. He was as equally curious with me and my art, my photography and most especially my writing. We fell deeply in love and experienced much happiness together. Although the romantic relationship between us became a part of our shared past, Carl and I remained close friends. The bond we cultivated was a deep and lasting one.

A funny remembrance that I will never forget about Carl is how he gave me his phone number. He sampled lines and words from a selection of my poetry and gave me a sort of puzzle to decode. (Example: Number of lines in your poem titled “ We Sleep”, and Amount of times the letter L is used in the last line of your poem “The Weight of Truth”?) He was so thoughtful and witty.  He was absolutely fascinating.

We spoke often of life and of death, of coincidence and of fate. Carl was a spiritual man, an avid Depeche Mode and Philip Glass connoisseur, a gentle being. A kind soul, my twin soul.

Carl meant so much to me. Without his love and support I would have never given up smoking cigarettes. It was something I had struggled with for a long time. I gave them up for love. It was with him, under the tree in Lake Tahoe on my birthday in 2011 where I smoked my last one.

He was all things good to me and I thank God for him being in my life…for the short time we were given.

A tidal wave of memories have come rushing back to me over this past week. I am truly saddened by my inability to follow through on a promise that I made.  I don’t remember what sparked the topic, but  during one of our deepest conversations, Carl had asked me if I would speak at his funeral. This was a serious request on Carl’s behalf, as he told me that he wanted me to speak about him because I knew him in ways that no one ever got to know him.  My response was something along the lines of “Yes, of course, I would…but that won’t be for a very long time.”

I am unable to be at Carl’s memorial services tomorrow. To be honest, even if I were able to be there… I don’t think I could bring myself to speak. So, how am I to come through on keeping my promise? How can I share parts of him with you as he had asked me to?

I keep coming back to art. Carl was a talented and creative photographer as well as a poet.  His art is stunning and hauntingly beautiful…he would want me to share it with you.

The first two shots were taken by Carl took whilst researching tornadoes in 2011.

The last photographs come from shared memories between us. I treasure them.

Purple Squall

This is a photo that I snapped of Carl as he took the breathtaking photo below.
This is a photo that I snapped of Carl as he took the breathtaking photo below.

Splash     Sundogs

Carl spotted the clouds spelling out our first initials together in the sky. M and C.
Carl spotted the clouds spelling out our first initials together in the sky.
M and C.

"Flower Cloud Bloom"     "Sound Waves to Light"     "Submerged Rocks"

The following images are personal photo memories of Carl and I.

Carl with Composer Philip Glass
Carl with Composer Philip Glass

Carl: Self Portrait
Photography by Carl: Self Portrait
Carl: Self Portrait
Photography by Carl: Self Portrait
Photography by Carl: Self Portrait
Photography by Carl: Self Portrait


You will live on inside of my heart for the rest of my days.
You will live on inside of my heart for the rest of my days.

Carl’s Obituary 

Tim and Paul Samaras Memorial Service

                     The El Reno EF-5 Tornado: The Darkest Day By: Jennifer Brindley UBL

Dedicated to: Carl’s Mom, Dad’s and Family. Please accept my deepest sympathies.

If you would like to send condolence cards to Carl’s Family please send correspondence to:

Bob Young
Box 8604
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158

Pennhurst 2013

Last year I began my journey into the world of haunt acting. Working at Pennhurst Asylum has been an incredible experience for me.

The people that I’ve met there are all so talented in their own individual ways. Pennhurst has some of the most incredible special effects make-up artists, actors and props! Not to mention …the campus of historic buildings themselves are beyond scary.

I have grown to love Pennhurst. The people that I work with have become a second family to me.

Have a look at the new trailer for the 2013 season. Keep your eyes peeled at 1:18.

Make sure that you make it out this coming Halloween/Haunt season.

Aurora Chasing

April 14, 2013

On this night spent an interesting 5 hours searching for the elusive northern lights, the (Aurora Borealis). It had at first appeared that I was not going to have any luck. The cloud cover was patchy and a bit thick at times. This made having good visibility difficult, but indeed added a certain ambiance to the photographs.

After I spent some time at the first location with no signs of the lights, I made my way further West to find a darker spot. Well, that’s when I was finally able to see some results. Perhaps, not the kind of jaw-dropping, eye-popping ones I had hoped to take, but I am very pleased with the results.

The night sky is alight with diffuse pastel prisms.
















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Penance and Woe


These are my written words.

A small yet monumental chronicle of my love,

blowing you an infinity of kisses.

Billowing into your spirit,

like the curtains of an open window.

Oh, the lament I bear within my soul!

To have tattered your delicate fabric,

within my hurricane force winds.

Forgive me, my love.

My strength had overwhelmed me.

Time records ceaselessly unending nights.

Rolling out my tear soaked carpet,

For my penance and woe.

My feet sinking deep into the wetness.

My soul marred and caked in heartache.

In the vast expanse of darkness,

I once had a vision,

of a radiant beacon.

A light,

unlike any I have ever seen,

with my own eyes.

I began to dance with elation,

like a ballerina on Christmas Eve.

A dizzying state had encompassed me,

As I spun into the vortex,

of your arms.


I awaken,

from some dream like torment.

Puffy faced and sweaty,


Suffering and questioning,

an unanswerable question,

Was it a vortex or a wormhole?

©Melissa June Daniels