The Tainted Row

She walked along the tainted row; of lilies, poppies and roses stacked high on plates of silver and gold.

It was the dead of winter where nothing should grow.

Reason and logic are intrinsically tied and tattered to trial and test.

Although, it is unlike all of the rest.

A flower blooms where love consumes… in shadowy corners unknown.

Melissa June Daniels

Copyright 2014

Taken at Rolling Hills Asylum in Upstate New York.
Taken at Rolling Hills Asylum in Upstate New York.

Supermoon June 2013

I decided that instead of taking a close up zoom shot of the moon, I would photograph a night landscape instead.
The light of the full perigree moon made it seem as though I was shooting in daylight. But, if you look very closely you will see stars illuminated in the sky.

Aurora Chasing

April 14, 2013

On this night spent an interesting 5 hours searching for the elusive northern lights, the (Aurora Borealis). It had at first appeared that I was not going to have any luck. The cloud cover was patchy and a bit thick at times. This made having good visibility difficult, but indeed added a certain ambiance to the photographs.

After I spent some time at the first location with no signs of the lights, I made my way further West to find a darker spot. Well, that’s when I was finally able to see some results. Perhaps, not the kind of jaw-dropping, eye-popping ones I had hoped to take, but I am very pleased with the results.

The night sky is alight with diffuse pastel prisms.
















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