The Tainted Row

She walked along the tainted row; of lilies, poppies and roses stacked high on plates of silver and gold.

It was the dead of winter where nothing should grow.

Reason and logic are intrinsically tied and tattered to trial and test.

Although, it is unlike all of the rest.

A flower blooms where love consumes… in shadowy corners unknown.

Melissa June Daniels

Copyright 2014

Taken at Rolling Hills Asylum in Upstate New York.
Taken at Rolling Hills Asylum in Upstate New York.

Torrential Love Tantrum

His heart hammers,
A torrential love tantrum.
A wobble, a flutter, a stirring.
A tingle in the blood.
A bubbling restlessness.
Boiling until his atrium erupts,
Into sound.
I crawl out from within.

©Melissa J Daniels 2012

All Rights Reserved

A Siren

I watched the night,
Until the morning could take flight.

Daylight would carry me on the wings
of the brothers Wright.

With land finally in sight,
my feet hit the ground..

I paused…
I spun around.

Feeling childlike and unexplainably free,
my eyes darting here to there.

Wondering where you were
and if
…could you see me?

My inner light found you,
as I danced in your meadow bright.

Purity radiating phosphorescence,
bathing me in your luminescence.

I had never felt like this,
not even in my adolescence.

An embrace and a kiss,
I have never known love to feel like this.

Memory clouds that winding road,

I can feel my fingers
In your hair.

My fingers are convinced,
they are still swirling there.

Four wheeled motion stopped,
as a beaming streak of light fell to greet us.

A signal of the Divine,
A token of Perseus.

Showering stardust onto
Our two souls awakening.

My trembling heart set ablaze,
Sings a fateful melodic phrase.

…of kismet, love and devotion.

A siren to his sailboat,
Adrift in the ocean.

©Melissa J Daniels 2012

All Rights Reserved