From Dusk to Dawn

 “Tis the season for Nightscapes!

I have a real love hate relationship with the Winter months. Cooler temperatures and low humidity are two things that can greatly assist the Nightscape Photographer. I am always anxious and excited to shoot, but I absolutely dread being cold. So, I have learned to accommodate my intrinsic desire to keep warm with my desire to photograph Nightscapes.

How’s that, you say?

Here are a few tips on how to stay warm while shooting for the aspiring Astrophotographer:

LAYER your clothing. I wear at least three layers under my coat.

**I have found the use of Thermacare Heat Patches extremely helpful in keeping my body warm in cold environments. They stay warm for up to 8 hours. Just be careful, there is a slight burn risk.

Make sure to wear warm WATERPROOF boots. It is highly likely that you will encounter wet grass.

Bring an extra pair of socks. You will need these if you sweat through the pair you have on, get them wet or simply need an extra layer of sock.

Wear a warm hat, gloves and a scarf to protect the front, back and sides of your neck.

Bring a warm beverage with you. Make sure that you put your beverage in a container that will retain heat for long periods of time. Coffee in a simple cardboard cup WILL be cold in less than 15 minutes if left in the elements.

Wear Chapstick or the equivalent! This will keep your lips warm AND it will protect them from wind burn.

Lastly, Vaseline and Sunscreen work very well for protecting the delicate skin of the face against cold air and wind.

Stay warm and have fun stargazers!

Beltzville State Park, Pennsylvania

Beltzville State Park, Pennsylvania



Aurora Chasing

April 14, 2013

On this night spent an interesting 5 hours searching for the elusive northern lights, the (Aurora Borealis). It had at first appeared that I was not going to have any luck. The cloud cover was patchy and a bit thick at times. This made having good visibility difficult, but indeed added a certain ambiance to the photographs.

After I spent some time at the first location with no signs of the lights, I made my way further West to find a darker spot. Well, that’s when I was finally able to see some results. Perhaps, not the kind of jaw-dropping, eye-popping ones I had hoped to take, but I am very pleased with the results.

The night sky is alight with diffuse pastel prisms.
















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