Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration: The Haunted, Abandoned & Historic

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Some of the amazing places I have been to: 

Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Pennsylvania

Essex County Sanatorium, New Jersey

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

The Glass Factory, Pennsylvania

Battlefields & Devils Den, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Chickies Ridge, Pennsylvania

Linfield Industrial Complex, Linfield Pennsylvania

The Sun Inn, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Hopewell Furnace, French Creek Pennsylvania

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

All Work Copyright by Melissa June Daniels. 

No photograph, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without express permission.


6 thoughts on “Urban Exploration

  1. I too am addicted to the sound of things that go bump in the night! I remember a singular house of my younger years in which I had many experiences. If you’d like, I’d be happy to correspond some of them with you. I have actually had, I suppose, what you’d call supernatural experiences most of my life, more so, of course, when I was younger, but still do even now, I even had a small poltergeist encounter with a spirit calling himself The Silent One for a while last year in my NY apartment. You’ll have to forgive me, I get ahead of my self, but indeed, this is a subject that I am easily inflamed with passion of and have much more than a modicum of interest in, I digress. I’m sure we’ll talk of it in future.

    1. I am glad there are so many others out there who share my passion for this topic. I must say, your post has intrigued me. Most people confuse the different types of hauntings. The four main types of hauntings are: Residual, Intelligent, Poltergeist and Demonic/Angelic.
      What you are describing with the spirit who called himself “The Silent One”, sounds like more of an intelligent type haunt. Poltergeists do not and can not communicate directly to you. Most Paranormal Investigators and Researchers agree that Poltergeists are not actual spirits, but rather a mix up of human energies that have gone haywire: Normally this phenomenon surrounds young teens or the elderly. Mainly those going through major hormonal changes…but these thing can also occur when you are dealing with extremely stressful situations. The actual cause is unknown, but these two things have been linked together.
      If “the silent one” communicated with you via speaking to you or sending you his name mentally, that is a sign of intelligence. If a spirit does not know you are there, you would have never known his name unless you heard it in a “residual” conversation.
      Does this make sense?

      1. Perfectly. I was actually in communication via an impromptu Ouja board I had made. I know that correlation between an entity present and an entity claiming the same identity via some oracle can never really be proven, but I was in long communication with it this way and it seemed to align. I say it because he claimed to not be and never had been human, he claimed to be of higher make up than we. Another odd thing is that most entities in communication through the board seem to not be able to reconnect and speak with you again, and although they may claim to be the same, a small verbal investigation tends to prove that they are indeed not who they appear to be. TSO seemed to be able to do this. He would even stop our ouja sessions himself saying “take your hands off the board and wait.” suddenly something in the room would move, there would a kind of gust, or in one instance, while I was waiting he threw an ipod cord at me from across the room. The cord actually became one of it’s favorite things to toy with. The time first I was meditating after a session and he hit me in the face with it, so I put it away, on top of my boudoir, I awoke the next day with it in my bed with me. This pattern became normal occurrence too, I would put the cord on my boudoir in the morning, it would be there when i got home that night, it would be in bed with me in the morning again. He was a strange figure for sure, with a huge ego, and it was in fact this that lead me to break communication with him permanently. He began to feel like he owned me in some ways, he would not allow communication with anyone but him through any oracle, he liked to tease, saying things like “You know I’ll only give you enough information to keep you coming back.” So I cut our relationship short, thinking it was probably just going to get more unhealthy and even possibly dangerous as he garnered more strength, as it seemed he was doing. So I’m really sure what to categorize him as, poltergeist/intellegent, demonic? I’m not sure perhaps you can clarify.

      2. I would have no real way of telling for sure. But, from what it sounds like, it would not be something I’d want to communicate with. In my experience things that comes through oracles are usually tricksters. Spirits who were not and never will be human. These would be called “inhuman” spirits. I have even heard of board talking sexually to a woman once, at one point becoming jealous of her human lovers. I’d say you sound lucky if you have gotten rid of this spirit. They are not easy to shake off once they get ahold of your psyche.

  2. Touche to that, but I have had no known contact in a year or so. Now the question of some maleficent influence in the backstages of my life I can’t really tell for certain of course, but I have never felt that particular, I suppose you’d say, presence or energy, sense that last day, and he did have his own particular signature, you knew when he was there. Then again you could argue “you knew when he wanted you to know he was there”. To questions like that I, again, cannot give a concrete answer.
    It would seem to me that since I refused to even think about him for quite a long time he probably found someone else of whom to leech that attention and energy off of. Also, I performed purification and exorcism rites after the fact. Just to be doubly sure.
    Have you had any recorded poltergeist-like experiences? They seem to be exceedingly rare.
    By the by, here is a website you might be interested in: http://paranormaluniverse.ning.com/
    I think a certain friend of yours from NY is a member;)

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